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Collaboration in Chemistry: Study Program of Chemistry signs MoU with the Center for Next-Generation Energy Materials Technology at Hanyang University

The Chemistry Study Program FPMIPA UPI signed an Academic Exchange Agreement with the Center for Next-Generation Energy Materials Technology at Hanyang University, Wednesday, 30 August 2023 in the Smart Classroom FPMIPA UPI along with an Academic Writing Workshop activity supported by the the Leading University Programs International Cooperation (LUPIC).

The parties, the Center for Next Generation Energy Materials Technology (C-NET) at Hanyang University, represented by Professor Jin Seok Lee and the Chemistry Study Program of the Indonesian Education University, represented by Professor Fitri Khoerunnisa, jointly signed a memorandum of understanding to establish the basis for collaboration research and academic exchange in areas of interest and benefit to each center.

Both centers will provide collaborative research opportunities available at their respective centers as agreed to under this Agreement. This will include activities such as:

1. Collaborative research focused on next-generation energy materials

2. Exchange of research results obtained through cooperation

3. Joint research events include conferences, seminars and regular meetings at each center

4. Exchange of Visiting Scholars in the mechanism of collaborative research and/or joint teaching

Previously, this was not the first time that UPI and LUPIC have formed a partnership. Previously, Sogang University had already established cooperation with study program of chemistry education .

UPI currently is in a program to internationalize, where UPI expected to conduct cooperation with lecturers from universities abroad. Such as general lectures or online lectures from professors overseas who will be accompanied by UPI lecturers as well. UPI hopes that its students will have the experience to learn in international class.