Fakultas Pendidikan Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


The academic writing was held by the chemistry and chemistry education study program, Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education (FMSE), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia on August 29-30th, 2023 in smartclass room, 2nd floor of this faculty at 08.00-12.00 Western Indonesian Time. This workshop is fully supported by Leading University Project for International Cooperation (LUPIC) in hybrid mode. A total around 55 participants (with the background from lecturer, doctoral-master-undergraduate students) joint this workshop onsite, and 80-176 participants from many institutions in Indonesia (with the background of lecturer, doctoral-master-undergraduate students, teacher, researcher, etc) joined by zoom on 1st and 2nd day. Prof. Wonkoo Lee as the representative from LUPIC and Prof. Fitri Khoerunnisa as head of chemistry study program gave an opening remark on this program.  In his speech, Prof. Wonkoo Lee and Prof. Fitri delivered their hope that after the academic workshop, participants will have enough competence to make a reputable journal, and can publish the journal. “Scientific writing for research and review articles and how to prepare and submit an article to a reputable journal” was the topic of this workshop. Elsevier Asia Pacific. The 1st day was a panel presentation of the material, and the 2nd day was the workshop on participants’ articles their belonging so that their articles were reviewed directly by speakers. Besides being attended on site by a representative from LUPIC, Prof. Wonkoo Lee, this workshop also presents reputable speakers: Prof. Suk Lee from Pusan National University and Dr. Johan Jang from Elsevier Asia Pasific.

On the 1st day, Prof. Suk Lee delivered his topic under the title “Scientific Writing for Research and review articles”. More precisely, He talked about types of academic writing, the structure of paper, planning and writing process, how to make concise, clear, and direct sentences, and what we have to prepare before submitting the article (the last check of the article). On the last check of the article, He told us that the article must be sort, remove meaningless or redundant words, put character as subject, avoid nominalization of verbs and adjectives, and don’t be too assertive. Prof. Suk Lee actually not only gave theory but also provided the presentation with clear of example how to write each part of the article, which made the presentation very clear and flawless.

On the other part, Dr. Johan Jang delivered his topic under the title “Choosing the right journals for your research publications”. In detail, he talked about foundational understanding in publishing research papers (subscription and open access, journal aim and scope, journal content, journal impact, and journal insight), tools to support journal selection, avoiding predatory publication, and ethics in publishing. In his talked, he said that our ethical responsibilities as authors are to avoid: (1) Paper Brokers: a middleman between authors and journals in which authorship of articles can be bought; (2) Guaranteed publication; (3) Involvement in citation manipulation: the practice of artificially inflating the number of citations to a particular piece of research or researcher’s work (which include: self-citation, coordinated citation, citation cartel, and citation buying or selling), which make the participants more confident what may and may not on publication. The first day of academic writing activities was very participatory between participants who joined onsite and online via zoom.

On the 2nd day, the workshop presented articles from participants and reviewed by speakers. But before, Prof. Jin Seok Lee from Hanyang University gave his speech and there was an MoU signing of cooperation between Center for Next Generation Energy Materials Technology at Hanyang University and Chemistry Study Program at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (please find out the news on this website) for five years. In the article workshop, there were around 8 articles reviewed together at that time. The speakers, Prof. Suk Lee, Dr. Johan Jang, also Prof. Wonkoo Lee and Prof. Jin Seok Lee gave their comments from the abstract until the conclusion precisely, so that participants whose article was reviewed know their article’s weaknesses, and can repair it.

At the end of this program, Prof. Asep Kadarohman as the chairman of the committee, closed the program and delivered his thankful for the great participants and impeccable speakers. In the participants’s view, they were very enthusiastic and satisfied with this program. Thank you very much, we will see you on the other agenda.