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The 1st online Mode Community Services Activities: Collaboration Chemistry Education FPMIPA UPI- LUPIC Sogang University South Korea

On July 29, 2023, an online Community Service (P2M) activity was held, attended by lecturers from the chemistry education department and PPG students, around 50 participants and 30 high school teachers. This activity is a continuation of the previous P2M activity which was carried out offline at SMAN 1 Pelabuhanratu Sukabumi on July 20, 2023.

The activity with the theme “Professional Development of High School Chemistry Teacher Based on Teacher Professional Curriculum (PPG)” begins with reading a prayer together, followed by a review of the 4 previous materials by Dr. Hernani, M.Sc., followed by the method of analysis of a group of data by Tuszie Widhiyanti, Ph.D. In his review Dr. Hernani, M.Sc. convey related that differentiation is an effort to adjust the learning process in class to meet the learning needs of students; Social Emotional Learning is a process to help individuals to develop basic skills to live well; Teaching at The Right Level (TaRL) is a learning approach that refers to the level of achievement or ability of students (this learning approach does not refer to the class level of students), while Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) is a learning approach that is responsive to cultural diversity and backgrounds learners; examples of learning technology include Phet Colorado, educational games, chem draw, quizizz, virtual labs, etc.

Furthermore, after the plenary activities in the main zoom, each teacher, lecturer and PPG student enters the breakout room according to the group divisions that were previously divided, including groups: (1) Differentiated Learning, (2) Social-Emotional Learning, (3) Principles Effective Teaching and Assessment, and (4) New Technologies in Learning and Teaching. In the discussions held by each group, the discussion was more specific on the topic of discussion from each group with clearer directions from the teaching team.

These activities include deepening related material, discussion of the results of reflection on questionnaires filled in by teachers and students, presentation of understanding how to write an article contained in the form of writing systematics, how to write for each item, as well as identification of data owned by teachers that can set forth in a written essay. Henceforth P2M activities will continue on August 5th, 2023 online via zoom (TR).