Kimia Material


Utilization of biomaterials or waste materials into useful materials for various applications.


  • To utilize biomaterials or waste materials for the obtaining of value-added materials, such as nanomaterials, porous materials, hybrid materials, for various application, as well as catalyst, corrosion inhibitors, adsorbent, drug delivery, membrane, sensor, etc.

  • To implement greener approach in the synthesis of new materials.

  • To valorise the newly developed materials in various local industries.

  • Materials for catalyst application
  • Materials for corrosion inhibitors
  • Porous Material
  • Hybrid & Nanomaterials
  • Biopolymers and its nanocomposites
  • Dikti

  • Hibah Dana UPI

  • Hibah SPS UPI

  • RKAT Program Studi

  1. Dr. Agus Setiabudi, M.Si
  2. rer.nat. Ahmad Mudzakir, M.Si.
  3. Soja Siti Fatimah, M.Si
  4. Budiman Anwar, M.Si.
  5. Galuh Yuliani, M.Si.
  6. Eng. Asep Bayu D.N, M.Eng.
  7. Abraham Mora, M.Si