HOTs in Chemistry Education: Theoretic, Practicum, and ICT


Hots education should be developed because wide area of Indonesia. There are many islands, high mountains and deep valleys that difficult to reach, therefore Indonesia’s human resources should be developed to overcome pattern of thinking diferences. It needs planning and application of ICT with many new variations. These new knowledge should be developed using higher order thinking skills of Indonesian.


to increase HOTS of Indonesian students thinking  to reach 4’C of the 21st education.


to develop students’ HOTS in their life in the 21st century.

Aims the study

to increase hots of students prospective teachers and secondary school students, through undergraduate chemistry students thesis research


Indonesian people hots should be increase



In writing  a research proposal,at first students have to make a literature study based on at least 5 latest articles of reputabel journal (Scopus indexing) in Chemistry Education related to their Chemistry research topic and HOTS  (critical / creative thinking skills) they choose. After that students have to get proposal seminar in HOTS research group. Then students will get two lecturers as supervisors. In the thesis supervision prospective chemistry teacher students will develop lesson plan, assessment, students’ worksheet and validate them to other lecturer (besides their supervisors). They also create questionnaire as other instrument to get secondary school students’ responds of the lesson. After validation of instruments, students will implement the lesson plan at school and analyze data of implementation.  At last they will write the report of the research as a thesis under supervision and then it should be defend in the final exam of undergraduate study.

Developing teoretik or laboratory activities included assessments in chemistry learning. It could be ICT-based or not. The lesson included assessment will be developed by prospective teachers chemistry students in their research for thesis, to enhanche  higher order thinking skills (critical thinking or creative thinking) in several chemistry topics on school chemistry.  

  1. Prof. Dr. Liliasari, M.Pd.
  2. Asep Suryatna, M.Si.
  3. Gebi Dwiyanti, M. Si.
  4. Dr. Asep Kadarohman, M.Si
  5. Drs. Hokcu Suhanda, M. Si.